When to drink water, and when not

When and how should we drink water to make the body healthier and strong?

Probably few asked this question, because the assumption is that water is the most useful liquid in nature and no one thinks it would harm when it is absorbed in larger quantities.

There are moments in which it is better not to drink water. And there are moments in which it is advisable to do so in a certain order. See when should we drink water and when – no?

Drink water as soon as you wake up

The first thing you need to do when you wake up is to drink 1-2 cups of water. So you provoke the body to work fast, which helps in the morning toilet.

Replace the water during a meal

It is not good to drink water during and immediately after meals. In this way, you dilute the stomach juices. They are diluted and digestion becomes more difficult and irregular. Instead of drinking water, drink a little yogurt, for example.

Drink a glass of water 30 minutes before eating

This way you will speed up the metabolism and make it easier to reduce your weight.

Drink water when you feel hungry

If you get stuck prematurely and have enough time until the next meal, drink a glass of water to relieve hunger. After you drink it, wait 10 minutes and drink another glass if the hunger does not disappear. So you will protect yourself from an unnecessary extra meal that hides the risk of obesity.

Drink more water during the day, not at night

Exaggeration with the water in the evening damages the body and the dream. You will need to get up at night, and this will stop you from resting.

Some people do not wake up so easily, although they go to the bathroom, which in turn damages the urinary system, as the release of the collected urine is retained. The bladder muscles suffer and there is a risk of urinary tract infections.

Drink water before and after training

This is done to power the muscles with the necessary fluids. Thus, the transport function of the cells is normalized when it is supplied with oxygen and nutrients to every point of the affected muscle.

Pregnant, infant and flu patients should drink more water

Drinking more water helps the body recover faster. Pregnant women and nursing women need a little more water than usual – about 10 cups a day, to restore water balance in the body and stay well hydrated.

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