What to eat in the evening?

It is known that the body slowly consumes food at night rather than during the day.

This happens because our body during the day is accustomed to enduring much more effort and therefore needs to consume more energy than the food we consume. Given that night is a time of rest (at least in most cases), our body is used to slowly digest food overnight, because then we spend it much less.

Although many think that they have nothing to eat at night, hunger has an equally bad effect on organism and unhealthy foods.

Avoiding meals can disrupt sleep, but also metabolism. If metabolism from hunger occurs, our body will slowly eat foods much slower.

Not cooked food accumulates in the body and leads to obesity. Therefore, it is important not to avoid meals, even at night.

What should not you eat for dinner?

Of course, you need to consume food that does not overload your stomach, or low-calorie food.

– Consume vegetables because it is very rich in vitamins (with vitamins full and fruits, but it contains a high percentage of sugars, which you do not need in the evening).

– Milk products, especially yogurt, are always a good choice for dinner.

Dairy products in large quantities can lead to bloating and stomach pain, which you certainly do not want before going to sleep, so take your ideal amount and do not overdo it.

– Free cheese can be included in your diet in the evening.

You can consume it with whole bread, as well as with corn bread or lentil bread, but not with ordinary white bread.

– You can also enjoy other cereal products and combine them with other healthy products.

– Meat products can be eaten, but in smaller quantities. Try to be low-fat products or low-fat products. Give priority to fish and chicken.

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