What not to eat if you want to lose weight?

If you want to lose weight, you have to say goodbye to raw, sweet, and fried foods. If you want to get into the old jeans, you have to stop eating dried fruit.

Here are some things to forget about:

White flour – It has no nutritional value and it disrupts blood sugar levels. Instead, consume cereals.

Fruit Yogurt – Fruit at the bottom of the bowl will surely fool you into eating healthy between meals. However, to compensate for fat, manufacturers add more sugar. A smarter choice is Greek yogurt, which will add a bit of fresh fruit and honey.

Dried fruit – And this sounds like a healthy meal, but it does more harm than good to your line. Dried fruits do not contain healthy enzymes found only in fresh fruit, so always opt for seasonal fruit instead of figs, apricots and plums with extra sugar and preservatives.

Dietary Carbonated Juice – A can of soda has about 200 calories, so you often take that low calorie? However, artificial substitutes for sugar are present in both cases. It would be good to completely separate yourself from carbonated drinks and alcohol.

Caffeine – You wonder why you can’t sleep, which is another hurdle in the fight against overweight? You may be taking too much caffeine. Therefore, experts recommend that you completely expel it from your diet. And if you already have a cup of hot coffee in the morning, avoid the extra calories hidden in whitewash, cream and extra sugar.

Snacks  – Avoid snacks and snacks that are labeled healthy and dietary. First, they have a huge amount of salt, and in addition they are made of white flour. Bake some popcorn with a little butter.

Processed Meat – Processed meat products have a higher concentration of saturated fat. Instead of bacon and sausages, choose fish, chicken or pure beef.

Dairy – You may have grown up with them, but that doesn’t mean they are overly healthy. Instead of milk thistle sometimes consume coconut or almond milk, and instead of cow cheese take a few grams of vegetable.

Cocktails – Cocktails are small calorie bombs full of colors and sweeteners. If you can no longer resist alcohol, drink wine.

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