Two-day diet for a flat stomach: Fast and effective

From a quality weight loss of short paths, there is usually nothing to do, but if you completely fill the diet for at least two days, for example at weekends, good progress can be achieved in physical form.

This is a diet that is certainly a little shocking to the body, but no matter what, a lot of ladies use it to be fully prepared for some important events on which the dress should perfectly stand.

Therefore, the diet plan is scheduled for only two days, so the diet on the first day should look like this:

Breakfast: No fat or low fat yogurt and fresh fruit

Lunch: Boiled fish spiced with olive oil and lemon, a little chop on black bread

Dinner: No fat or low fat yogurt, boiled zucchini or green vegetables

Nutrition for the second day:

Breakfast: cup of mint tea / sugar-free cream, 1 toast of black bread with a little cheese

Lunch: Boiled green beans with garlic and lemon juice

Snacks: 250 g of fruit (seasonal, bananas not)

Dinner: One cup of tea without sugar, lettuce, 1 toast from black bread


It’s important to stay for two whole days, keep in mind that this calorie intake is traumatic for the body and in any case it’s better to keep an eye on food than to get into a situation where you need to apply such radical changes.

With this two-day diet, it’s possible to lose 2 kg of body weight, which is quite enough to level the stomach.

Written by Natasha

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