To lose weight replace one meal with this recipe for salad

The “Broom” Salad, though some call it “Brush” for several years, is one of the most popular menus for those who want to quickly lose weight. Perhaps it does not look nice or exotic, but it is the right solution if you want to clear the body and weaken for a short time.

What is the secret?

An essential component of this salad provides the body with vitamins and minerals filled with fiber and pectin. Thanks to this, this dish contributes to effective cleansing of the gut, and by reducing faecal plaques the body weight decreases.

But that’s not all. Because some of the ingredients are low-calorie, if you replace a meal with this salad, for example dinner, you can get rid of fatty deposits. In this way, the result using this delicious and useful salad is purified organism and reduced body weight.

But let’s not owe much.

There are several recipes to make this salad, and we will introduce you to the classical and at the same time the most popular way.

It takes: cabbage, beets, carrots, green spices, lemon juice, oil.


Make cabbage, beets and carrots in a ratio of 3: 1: 1. Add spices of your choice (parsley, celery, spices). Chop vegetable to play juice.

Add a little lemon juice and if desired, for a spicy taste, in the salad you can add the beaten white garlic. Season with a small amount of oil (flax or olive oil is recommended).

Salad should not be salted, and if you can not give up the salty flavor, use soy sauce, which contains a lot of salt and improves the taste of food, as well as high nitrite values ​​and is not harmful to health.

But you should keep in mind that in low acidity in the stomach, nutritionists advise you to use sauerkraut.

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