Three great reasons to start your day with this vegetable juice!

When you see all the reasons “for”, you will not be able to imagine the day without cabbage juice.

Important notes:

Before preparing the juice, wash the cabbage in detail, then soak it in salted water for half an hour.

Always use fresh cabbage.

Do not store this juice in the refrigerator, drink it immediately after preparation and do not stock up.

Do not add any spices to it.

Cancer prevention

Cabbage juice contains isocyanate, a group of chemical compounds that stimulate estrogen secretion and help prevent breast, lung and colon cancer. In addition, it helps in the recovery of people with cancer.

Good for the intestines

Cabbage is also great for cleansing the intestines and is often used to treat colitis. It contains chlorine and sulfur, two important ingredients in the treatment of inflammation of the colon. After consuming cabbage juice, you will have gas with a pronounced unpleasant odor, but this should not worry you at all, on the contrary – because it means that the ingredients act.

It is also great for dieting

Cabbage juice is an ideal ally in the fight against excess weight because it helps cleanse the upper colon. In addition, it has few calories.

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