Smart diet!

This diet is based on the recommendations of nutritionists and doctors that any weight loss higher than ten percent of body weight is not healthy.

You can enter 25 calories per kilogram of body weight. With the help of this diet, in three weeks you will lose 10 percent of your weight.

During a diet you can drink coffee or tea without sugar, and from the oil you can only use cold pressed olive oil. Bread, fasting and very salty things are not recommended.

Menu for the first and third week:

First day: vegetables of choice, without restrictions

Day Two: boiled meat optional

Third day: rice

Day Four: Low-fat dairy products

Fifth day: eggs (in any way)

Day Six: Fruity Day (Fresh Fruit)

Seventh day: a protein day (meat or fish)

Second week menu:

First day: vegetables and boiled meat

Second day: meat with vegetables

Third day: rice with vegetables

Day Four: Dairy products with reduced fat (eggs, salads or fruit can also be consumed)

Fifth day: eggs (can be consumed also fruit and yogurt)

Sixth day: fresh fruit

Seventh day: protein day (roasted meat or fish of choice).

Written by Natasha

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