Small dietary changes for great results

A well-designed selection of groceries and food preparation with care can help you lose weight without any strict diets.

The easiest way to live a healthy life and lose weight is to introduce minor dietary changes.

These are a few suggestions for small changes that you will not even notice, and your body will be very grateful.

Instead of a greased eggplant, choose a baked

Eggplant has 20 calories per 100 grams, but if you put it in flour and fry in oil, the same amount will reach as much as 720 calories.

  • Instead of yogurt with low fat content, dial a dietary

Low-fat yogurt has about 63 calories per 100 ml. Contrary to this, dietary yogurt with 0.5% milk fat has only 40 calories.

Although at first glance it acts as a small difference, keep in mind that yoghurt you drink almost every day, so at the end of the month, when it is collected, you will avoid enough calories.

  • Instead of a classic jam, choose a sugar-free jam

Jam only made from fruit is a phenomenal sugar-free additive. If 1 kg of fruit has 500 calories, adding one kilogram of sugar, calories will increase to 4,000 calories.

Therefore, make sure you do homemade jam without sugar.

  • Instead of french fries, choose a baked potato

The potato should not be avoided, but should be prepared properly. 100 grams of potato contains 80 calories. If you fry the number of calories is increased four times, while when you bake it without oil in the oven, 100 grams have 100 calories.

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