Slimming only with drinks

You want to lose weight daily. You can, among other things, choose the right drinks. For you, this is the choice of the three best drinks that accelerate the performance of your metabolism, burn more calories, and thus automatically contribute to weight loss.

1. Cold water

Replace the lemon with a few ice cubes, as cold drinks make the body consume more energy to maintain body temperature. This means that consuming three large glasses of cold water during the day burns an extra 100 calories. If you practice this every day, you can lose up to 5 kg in one year, provided you do not supplement these calories with other foods.

2. Coffee

Coffee can be called a natural energy drink, and research shows that two to three coffees before training allow us to train longer, which means that the body will burn more calories. The research says that those who previously drank coffee, by 20 percent, extend the duration of the workout. However, it should be remembered that coffee should always be drink without sugar and milk, because it is the fastest way to cancel the positive effect.

3. Green tea

Not only does green tea be released from calories, it can also help us burn fat and get rid of excess pounds. According to a recent study, it has been proven that individuals who drank four cups of green tea a day lost almost 3 kg more than those who drank only water for two months. Another study found that people who drink green tea on average have fewer pounds and a narrower structure. Always drink green tea and avoid cooking tea from the market because they can contain lots of sugars and considerably fewer antioxidants. You should also avoid the addition in green tea as this can cause liver damage.

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