Rice diet: In 3 weeks 7 kg less

The original rice diet was created in 1939 and was originally intended to lower blood pressure, regulate blood sugar and improve kidney function.

But because this diet had great effects on losing weight, it was also used as a diet to lose weight.

Nutrition plan

Breakfast is always the same: 1 cup rice cooked in water without salt or sugar. For a better taste you can squeeze a little lemon juice or add olive oil. During the diet, practice brown whole rice.

Snack: Slice of fruit on request.

Lunch in the first 7 days:  1 cup rice, 1 cup beans, peas or lentils, slice of wholemeal bread. Use more spices and less salt.

Dinner in the first 7 days:  1 cup of rice and 150g of lean meat (chicken or turkey breast, pork chops or fish). Do not salt the meat, drain only a little lemon juice. You can also eat 1 slice of wholemeal bread.

Lunch for the next 7 days:  1 cup rice and slice of wholemeal bread.

Dinner for the next 7 days: 1 cup of rice and a slice of bread, just like lunch.

The third week is the same as the first, by adding a milk snack between lunch and dinner. For example 200ml of milk or small yogurt.

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