Melon – freshness and health in the summer days!

Melon contains a large amount of water and minerals, which is ideal for warm summer days, when the body is subject to constant dehydration. Melon and watermelon are thought to come from India or America, and are included in the fruit group. Melon is used in nutrition in almost all countries in the world. It is available in various types around the world, and we can find it in the market in May-September.

Melon is a plant in the low-calorie group, as we have said, contains a lot of water and minerals, but also contains many other ingredients that put the melon in the category of fruits with high potency.

The most important ingredients that melon contains are:

– beta carotene, fiber, vegetable fats;

– Vitamin A, B, E, C, iron;

– essential oils;

– calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, manganese, selenium, zinc;

– organic acids;

– pantothenic acid;

– sulfur, phosphorus, etc.

Diet uses melon fruit, but juice can also be made from the melon, which is really healthy and effective, especially on summer days.

As already mentioned, melon is really a medicinal plant and helps in:

– acne, allergies, anemia;

– headache, diabetes, impotence;

– problems with: blood pressure, metabolism, intestines, prostate;

– hemorrhoids, stress, scurvy, sinusitis;

– thyroid problems etc.

Melon is the fruit you really need in the summer days. It can really refresh you and give your body all it needs for the whole day. Consume melon whenever you can, because it really has something to offer you.

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