Make no mistake – a diet according to your blood type!

Determine your diet according to your blood group, which is the most nutritious diet.

The blood group can affect the different systems in the body and determine the disease the individual is subjected to, as well as the type of physical activity needed.

The connection between food and blood group is based on antigens. Consuming foods with lectins that are incompatible with the blood group antigen leads to different reactions in the body and agglutination. Therefore, foods that have incompatible lectins with the blood group antigen should be avoided. The appropriate nutrition plan for each blood group allows: prevention of a variety of diseases (cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes), reduced aging process, weight loss (cleanses the body of toxic substances and fats).

In the food by blood groups, groceries are divided into 16 different categories: meat and poultry, seafood, milk and eggs, oils and fats, nuts and seeds, beans and legumes, cereals, bread and bakery products, pasta, fruit, vegetables, herbal teas, spices and mixed drinks. For each blood type, the foods are divided as recommended, neutral or those to be avoided. Then form grocery lists for a specific purpose (from reducing extra pounds, to disease treatment).

0 blood type: The diet should consist of foods of animal origin and vegetables. The foods to pay attention to are beef, lamb, turkey, chicken, and fish. All kinds of vegetables and fruits, legumes and vegetables are also allowed. These people should avoid milk and dairy products, bread and testes from wheat, corn.

A blood type: Persons belonging to this blood group should consume large quantities of herbal foods: vegetables, lentils, soybeans, beans, cereals, fruits, plums, and the occasional consumption of poultry and fermented dairy products is allowed. Nutrition should eliminate all meat products, whole-milk dairy products, peppers, tomatoes, tropical fruits.

B blood type: This blood group is allowed the highest dietary diversity. They can consume poultry, fish, lamb and beef, dairy products, vegetables, cereals, and should avoid shellfish, ham, bacon and chicken. The intake of beef, wheat, rye, tomatoes and corn should be restricted.

AB blood type: Can eat lamb, turkey, dairy products, eggs, rice, tofu, cheese, sour cherries, and should avoid flesh and restrict consumption of beef, wheat, corn, tropical fruit.

Generally, foods that are defined as recommended for all 4 blood groups are fresh and different foods. However, a diet that excludes certain types of grocery carries disadvantages and risks. Blood group 0, for example, is exposed to increased meat intake and risk of cardiovascular disease due to high cholesterol intake and saturated fatty acids in the diet.

Long-term use of this diet can result in a reduction in the nutrients needed for good health. Reducing dairy products, for example, will lead to a decrease in calcium levels, which can lead to the risk of osteoporosis. Avoiding meat can result in low iron intake, which can lead to anemia. Almost certainly, but this is because every type of blood group eliminates specific food groups such as bread and cereals, dairy products and meat or fish.

How much weight you lose will depend on how much you limit your intake of certain foods.

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