Lose Weight with a Diet Salad

Of all the diets, salad diets are probably one of the easiest to prepare and you’ll easily lose up to three pounds in a month. The diet for a salad is based on two basic ideas: one is that if you want to lose weight you have to replace higher calorie meals with smaller calorie meals, and the other is that by incorporating salad into your meals you reduce your calorie intake on a daily basis.

After a diet of salad you will lose up to 3 kg per month. How much you lose depends on your daily calorie intake, based in part on your gender, age, height, weight and of course your daily activities.

One of the good elements of this diet program is that there is not much to remember. Basically, you can start incorporating at least three salads a week. Replace salads with regular meals that you normally eat. Over time, work to increase the number of salads a week until you have at least once a day to eat a salad. An added benefit of a salad diet is that you can lower your cholesterol levels as well as your blood pressure.

When you are following a salad diet, you are adjusting to a very simple diet where you do not need to starve. Instead, simply focus on eating more salads, which by nature have fewer calories. Another thing about this diet is that it helps reduce the amount of fried foods and foods high in sugar you eat. Not to mention – that for an average salad, ten minutes is enough to prepare.

Ideal salads for this diet are those of vegetables and fruits, but keep this in mind at first – you can also use cheese, a little egg, tuna – to make it easier to substitute a meal. After that – the ideal salad is a large salad of different vegetables – of all colors.

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