Here’s why you have to eat two cloves a day!

Cloves are an aromatic dried flower that has been used as a spice and medicine for over 2000 years with its unique aroma and composition. In the kitchen, whole or mixed dried flowers are often used, while the oil extract is used as a traditional remedy.

Cloves are rich in essential oil (15-20%), with eugenol, flavonoids, tannins, phenolic acids, fatty oil and other components. Because of this composition, the cloves are ascribed to the following properties: anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antioxidant, anticoagulant and topical analgesic effect.

Cloves are one of the best spices in the world, but many do not know that it is amazing oh healthy and you need to consume it daily. Cloves have amazing medicines and we reveal to you the main reasons you have to consume them daily.

– Strengthens immunity

Cloves contain a high concentration of Vitamin C and are therefore excellent for strengthening the immune system. It also increases the number of white blood cells, which means your body will be resistant and will fight off viruses and bacteria.

– Improves bowel function

If you have digestive problems and if you suffer from gas and abdominal pain, then cloves are here to help. It contains special enzymes that aid in digestion.

– Acts against toothache

Because they have an anesthetic effect, it can help when you have a toothache. Just put cloves on the tooth and bite a little, and after a while you will feel some relief.

– Helps the liver

Cloves have an antioxidant effect and when you consume them, your liver will be thankful because it makes it easier for you to do the work and lists toxins.

– For good digestion and maintenance of weight

Clove tea stimulates digestion and circulation, reduces stomach upset and bloating and speeds up metabolism. Combined with ginger and cinnamon it helps maintain body weight and is also a good immune stimulant.

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