Groceries that lose energy – here’s why you’re constantly tired!

We sometimes feel tired and lacking in energy, not only when doing some activities, but also while resting can cause problems, and the reasons are numerous.

The consequence of such a condition is, among other things, the diet. There are groceries that if you consume them in large quantities,  leads to a feeling of fatigue and exhaustion.

Here’s what groceries are about.


– It is known that carbohydrates raise energy, but refined carbohydrates can also increase blood sugar levels and lead to a decrease in insulin. That’s one of the reasons we feel tired and weak after ingesting a large amount of pasta.

Orange juice

– Some orange juices contain wheat syrup (which is full of fructose), which has added sugar as well as artificial flavors and sweeteners. It is better to eat or squeeze fresh orange.


– Pure yogurt is good for health, but other yogurts are not. They contain wheat syrup, artificial sweeteners, and other chemicals that your body does not need.

White bread and white pastry

– Refined starch increases blood sugar, so if we eat white bread we consume energy. Therefore, it is advisable to eat fiber-rich cereal bread.

Fried food

– Fried foods such as french fries and meat require strong digestion because of their fat and leave us without energy.

Written by Natasha

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