Grapes – fruit for a long and healthy life

The grapes are very tasty and healthy fruits. It not only refreshes, but is also used as a natural remedy for cleansing the blood, regulating digestion, removing fatty deposits from the body, treating inflammatory processes of digestive organs, and alleviating rheumatic difficulties and skin allergies.

Fresh grape juice is rich in vitamins A, B and C and with various minerals. The grapes act as a natural tonic of the organism, and in addition it is also extremely nutritious fruit. It contains about 20% sugar, so it is an energy supply. Grapes are an important source of bioflavonoids, which protect the body from the harmful effects of free radicals, which can cause many diseases, including malignant diseases. Therefore, the grapes have an anticancer effect.

Due to the various antioxidants containing the grapes, it is a fruit with a strong effect against bacteria, viruses, inflammations and allergies.

Black grapes (and all other fruits of a similar color) help protect against heart disease, cancer, and aging of the brain. Researchers from the University of Michigan have proven that the grapes can help control blood pressure. It is recommended against bad circulation, and it helps with the slowing of aging, that is, it prevents dementia and degenerative chronic diseases.

White grapes have very similar energy value as black, but slightly less containing potassium and calcium, but poor in phenols compared to black grapes.

Black grapes should be eaten for nutrients, mostly potassium, vitamin C, B1 and B6, and manganese. It also abounds with flavonoids, the most important of which are quercitin and resveratrol. They reduce blood clotting and reduce the level of “bad” cholesterol. That way they also reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Recent research has shown that the consumption of black grapes increases the level of hormone melatonin, which is necessary for a good sleep.

From certain types of grapes, raisins are made, which are rich in fiber, calcium and iron, and which can replace sugar in cakes.

The black grapes contain large amounts of reservanol, which positively affect the motor and mental functions of the brain and reduces the risk of stroke. Also, the reservanol maintains both the flexibility and the health of the heart muscle.

Some studies have shown that the reservanol has an important role in preventing malignant diseases and can even accelerate the destruction of existing cancer cells. Because of this, the grapes are also used as a natural remedy for prevention and fight against cancer.


Although mild and sticky foods, such as raisins, were thought to cause tooth decay, new research confirmed the opposite. It has been proven that raisins inhibit the growth of bacteria responsible for the onset of caries and gum disease, primarily because it is rich in fructose and glucose, and not sucrose, which is the main culprit for diseases of the oral cavity.

Raisins are recommended as a snack among the main meals. Why?

Fructose and dry grape glucose will help you with the physical and mental effort easier. A handful of raisins will saturate you and you will not feel hungry.

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