Get Healthy! For 10 days – 5 kg less

This is not from those “fast” diets that immediately weaken your immunity, but on the contrary, this diet has no side effects, except the desired – less pounds!

If you have to lose a few pounds in an expeditious manner, yet you care about a healthy diet and do not want those diets with a “yo-yo” effect, this is the right diet for you!

During “fast” diets, women usually have dizziness, become depressed, their face is swollen and the skin quickly dries … But this diet is devised differently, so it does not reflect on the psycho-physical condition, and it contributes to the rapid melting of kilograms.

How to make a plan for a diet

The diet lasts exactly 10 days, not even more a day less. What is best, you will do your own meal plan and adjust yourself to your own desires and needs. Also, it is important during the diet to exercise, because without physical activity there will be no results.

Eat a variety of fresh fruit, because in this way you will enter into your body the necessary ingredients for normal functioning. The same is true for vegetables, prepared in a healthy way. Namely, some groceries are good antioxidants, and some others are good because they contain dietary fibers that improve digestion, and others because of vitamins and minerals. Some of these groceries will help you to lose weight, some to improve the glow of the skin, and by exercising you will improve the muscle tone.

So, eat vegetables such as carrots, tomatoes, lettuce, and all the colors should be in the bowl. You can also prepare light vegetable soup. As for fruits, eat a lot, and for this diet are the best apple, papaya, strawberries, citron and raspberries. This fruit will not only help you burn fat, but you will also get the necessary vitamins from them.

Also, in addition to fruits and vegetables you can also consume yoghurt, combined with cereals.

In these 10 days you will have to forget about bread, meat, cheese, cheese, pasta, sweet, carbonated and spirits and similar high-calorie foods.

Number of meals

The fact that fruits and vegetables will help you with attenuation does not mean that you can eat at any hour and in unlimited quantities. In one day you must have four main meals:

– breakfast

– lunch

– snacks

– diner

For each meal, take one cup (200 ml) of fresh vegetables and a glass of fruit. As previously mentioned, light vegetable soups, or tomato soup, are allowed, but do not cross the dose.

Also, instead of soup, you can eat a delicious mixed salad of vegetables, easily spiced with lemon. Do not use salad dressings, as they are not dietary.

Try to smooth the input of fruits and vegetables. So, for each meal, you must enter an identical amount of fruits and vegetables.


The diet itself will not be effective if you do not exercise, if you want to get rid of fat deposits. If you do not want the gym, aerobics and fitness you can practice at home.

It’s important to sweat well, running, walking or cycling. If possible, exercise combined exercises daily from 30 minutes to 1 hour, or at least every other day.

If you’re not in shape, start your exercises in the beginning.


This is one example that you can certainly adjust to your affinities, and it is understood that you can combine it differently every day.

– Breakfast:

1 cup of chopped fruit

1 cup tomato juice or a glass of yogurt

– Lunch:

1 cup vegetable soup or dish lettuce

1 cup of chopped fruit

– Snack:

1 cup of chopped fruit

– Dinner:

Food of vegetables, for example: cucumber, carrots, cabbage, broccoli, tomatoes, lettuce

1 cup vegetable soup

1 cup of chopped fruits

Drink as much water as you can, and fewer juices or coffee. Try to eat at the same time every day, and have dinner as early as possible.

If you get hungry during the meal, do not worry, eat an apple. Also, if you feel any weakness in the body, which should not occur, strengthen the meals for a third or stop the diet.

Before beginning any diet, consult your doctor or your nutritionist!

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