For 10 days, lose 8 kilograms: A watermelon diet is ideal for summer

All you need is a lot of watermelon, but also the will, and the diet consists of eating around a half kilogram of watermelon five times a day.

WARNING: Since this is an extreme diet, you should not hold it for more than five days, and if you decide to hold it, consult a doctor. Also, this diet should not be used by people who have kidney stones, diabetes, or pancreatic problems.

A watermelon diet will stabilize salt levels in the organs, and as a result, you release your excess fluid in your body, you should consume about half a kilo of watermelon for every 5 kg body weight. Of course, if at any time you feel weakness or malaise, immediately stop with the diet.

After that, if your body is still strong enough and after consulting with your doctor, it can take another five days, with an additional three pounds losing.


Breakfast: Bowl oat flakes and a piece of cheese

Snack: Half a kilogram of watermelon

Lunch: 200 grams of fish or chicken and lettuce

Dinner: Watermelon (half a kilo of every 15 kilograms of your body weight)

With this diet, you need to lose about eight pounds.

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