Foods that you need to consume more often if you have oily skin

Oily skin can be a consequence of many causes. Most often, it is genetic and can not do much to avoid, but proper nutrition and treatment can help you cope with oily skin. Another common cause is excessive face washing with soaps and acne creams. By drying the face, the skin produces more natural oil. So it’s better not to wash your face too often. The third most common reason is the seasonal change. The temperature difference causes your skin to be oily.

It should also be noted that stress and hormone problems are the cause of oily skin. If you have oily skin then it is advisable to read which foods are recommended to consume, and which you should avoid.

By including more water in your diet and consuming foods that hydrate the skin you can achieve many results. To deal with oily skin, you need to drink more water every day after waking up and before you go to sleep. In the diet add:


The cucumber is 95% water and gives your face a fresh look. This vegetable is full of antioxidants. It is advisable to put a cucumber in water, let stand for several hours and then drink that water.


If you consume avocados more often, you will definitely forget the weariness and reduce the natural oil your skin produces. Avocados are full of omega-3 fatty acids, which are a special ingredient for young skin. As we get older, elasticity is lost and the skin no longer looks young, and the appearance of wrinkles also begins. By adding the avocado in your diet, not only will you help your skin look less greasy, but will restore its youthful appearance.


Another fruit you must add to your diet is grapefruit. Perhaps his taste is not exactly your favorite, but you should know that this citrus fruit affects your skin well. Grapefruit is full of water, fiber, vitamin C and helps against oily skin.


You may be surprised, but dairy products have an adverse effect on the body, and this is most noticeable on the skin. Dairy products increase the production of natural oil, and sometimes also cause acne. If you consume too much milk, then your skin will have more greasy shine and will look older. Certainly a cup of milk is great for bones and helps against wrinkles and lack of elasticity of the skin. Although milk contains a large amount of calcium that is important for the body, you can still substitute it with other calcium-rich foods. Add to your diet spinach, broccoli, kale, containing calcium, even more than milk. If you replace the milk with one of these vegetables, you will immediately notice positive changes in your oily skin.

Other things to avoid are salt and fats. Unfortunately, the food that is most delicious to eat, the most destroys the skin. Beef and pork are filled with animal fats that fill high-fat pores. If you stop consuming these meats and also stop consuming fried food, you will notice positive changes in your oily skin.

It is advisable to use these natural remedies, that is, herbs, which can be used in combination or individually and can make miracles on your skin.

Mint is an anti-inflammatory herb, which reduces the greasy shine because it relaxes the pores that produce natural oil. It also helps against herpes, reduces inflammation of asthma, muscle pain and is good for teeth whitening.

Lavender oil – this oil is great to add to the acne treatment cream, but it is best to apply it directly. Lavender reduces the amount of sebum. Cutting sebum improves the appearance of the skin and reduces its greasy shine.

Mask from egg proteins – It’s great to apply a mask made from egg proteins. Mix egg whites with one tablespoon of honey, allow to stand for 10 minutes on your face and then thoroughly wash.

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