Foods that speed up metabolism and help lose weight

If you are trying to lose weight, it is a good idea to try to speed up your metabolism.

One natural way to do this is to eat 5-6 times a day. Satisfactory results will not be lacking if you include foods that increase body temperature and speed up metabolism.

Green tea

According to expert advice, if you drink 4 cups of green tea a day, you may lose 3 pounds in a few months. This healthy drink contains catechins that accelerate the burning of calories. In addition, this tea contains caffeine, which improves metabolism and thereby helps burn fat.


Beans, peas and soy are great sources of protein and your body will be occupied with digesting these healthy foods. In addition, these foods are rich in iron, a mineral that helps in losing weight.

Raw food

Your body consumes a lot more energy when cooking unprocessed food. This means that your metabolism is faster and you are consuming more calories. When buying groceries, avoid processed, canned foods and buy raw foods more often.

Low-fat dairy products

Just because you want to lose weight does not mean you have to give up dairy products. On the contrary, these foods are rich in proteins that are key to building muscle and speeding up metabolism. However, make sure you choose low-fat dairy products at the time of purchase.

Hot peppers

If you like spicy, hot food, you’re well on your way to perfection. Hot peppers increase body temperature and speed up metabolism. Whether you eat them fresh, cooked or dried, these peppers are great weight loss foods.

Meat with less fat

Low-fat meat is an excellent source of protein, iron and amino acids, including leucine. Experts say 30% of the calories found in protein-rich foods are consumed in digestion. To make your metabolism work better, choose low-fat meat.

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