Few nutrients you should not consume before going to bed

Not only is it bad for the line, it also affects bad sleep.

Doctors recommend that you do not eat anything 3 hours before going to bed, and if you must, it should be something easy. Instead of gathering everything in your fridge and loading your stomach, it’s good to know what to avoid.

Carbonated drinks

Nothing is uncomfortable for the stomach of soft drinks.

Such juices are acidified by anything else that can be found in nature, and this acid damages the body. In addition, adherence increases the pressure in the stomach.


It is rich in fat and contains caffeine and theobromine that makes chaos in the stomach.

Citrus fruit

It is sour and it produces nausea on the stomach. Better choose something sweeter, like peach, apricot.

Fatty foods

All sandwiches, cakes and ice cream.


It irritates the digestive tract, a special part that connects the stomach with the esophagus, digestion is difficult.


Caffeine creates acidic environment in the stomach, so it is not recommended for consumption at night.

Coffee without caffeine has a lower dose than usual, so it can be a good choice for evening classes.


It is rich in fat, but if you what to eat it in the evening, eat Parmesan or cheese that is less fat than feta and mozzarella.


Regardless of the fact that nuts are healthy, you should avoid them before going to bed and if you so desire to snacks, choose pistachios and almonds instead of peanuts or Indian nuts.

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