Diet with vegetable soups

Forget the juices! Organic vegetable soups are included in the detox diet “Purification with soups” which has become very popular in the world.

In a quest for a vitamin-rich diet, with a low glycemic index, Catering’s Real Food Works, Lucinda Duncalf, who supplies healthy food to the American workers, together with her team, created the diet “Soup Cleans “.

The diet is very simple and it keeps you in a simple regimen containing six simple soups that do not contain soy, gluten, pasta, or products of animal origin.

The soups are mainly made of vegetables and can be eaten cold and warm. You can do these soups yourself at home, so you will add only vegetables exclusively fresh, without oil and half of the spices you use normally.

You need to eat 6 soups allotted throughout the day, change the vegetables daily, and place more vegetables in order for the soup to be richer in nutrients.

As a suggestion in the soup you can put carrots, broccoli, zucchini, celery, parsley, tomatoes, parsnips, onions, corn, peas, green beans, spinach, cauliflower and many others.

  • But one question arises: can you really lose weight from a one-day diet?

For now, opinions regarding this are different by experts, but they are agree when it comes to the fact that with this diet, the digestive tract really “rests”, but unfortunately only temporarily.

Therefore, you can repeat this diet for 3 consecutive days, but not longer, and should not be used in the two months again, it will help you to lose weight, but before you use it you should be completely healthy and yes Do not take drug therapy.

However, we will agree that this diet is much better than juice diets because organic vegetable soup has far more nutrients and lower glycemic composition of the juices.

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