Coronavirus and immune system: Obesity is a risk factor, especially for younger patients.

The whole world is still in the clutches of the Covid-19 virus pandemic, so i want to draw your attention to another pandemic, Obesity, may be one of the most important predictors of severe coronavirus illness, new studies say. It’s an alarming finding for the United States, which has one of the highest obesity rates in the world, but my researching shows that is also the same all over the world.  And young adults with obesity are more likely to be hospitalized, even if they have no other health problems, studies show.

Following the situation with the coronavirus for several months, I read, researched, followed what is happening and this topic attracted a lot of attention. Studies show that young adults with obesity appear to be at particular risk, and though people with obesity frequently have other medical problems, the new studies point to the condition in and of itself as the most significant risk factor, after only older age, for being hospitalized with Covid-19, the illness caused by the coronavirus.

Research is ongoing, but it is amplifying anecdotal reports from doctors who say they have been affected by how many seriously ill younger obesity  patients there are who are otherwise healthy.

No one knows for sure why obesity worsens Covid-19, but the hypotheses abound.

So, some coronavirus patients with obesity may already have compromised respiratory function that preceded the infection. Also abdominal obesity, more prominent in men, can cause compression of the diaphragm, lungs and chest capacity and obesity is known to cause chronic, low-grade inflammation and an increase in circulating, pro-inflammatory cytokines, which may play a role in the worst Covid-19 outcomes.

Some 42 percent of American adults, that is nearly 80 million people live with obesity and that is a prevalence rate far exceeding those of other countries hit hard by the coronavirus.

New revelations about obesity risk are bad news for everyone, as more than half of Covid-19 deaths in the United States are linked to obesity. Research shows that obesity is more important for hospitalization than whether you have high blood pressure or diabetes, although these often go together, and it is more important than coronary heart disease or cancer or kidney disease and even lung disease.

However, it should be noted that the findings are preliminary, some of the data are still incomplete, but scientists are still a little confused by the impact of obesity on the course of the disease, but the implications for patient care were clear.

That is, it means that doctors need to be a little more careful and care a little more about those patients with obesity.

Also another NYU Langone study, which focused on patients under the age of 60, found that those with obesity were twice as likely to be hospitalized. And also were at even higher risk of requiring critical care. The association between obesity and more severe disease was not seen in patients over the age of 60, but the severity of the illness often comes as a surprise to younger adults, and provides another layer of shock to this disease.

Also studies highlighting the risks of obesity have been conducted in other countries as well and though most of the early reports from China pointed to risk factors like Type 2 diabetes and hypertension, which are common in people with obesity, scientists in Shenzhen, China, posted a preliminary report online finding that Covid-19 patients with a high body mass index were at more than double the risk of severe pneumonia than those with a lower B.M.I.

Another study from China, which looked at outcomes among a group of 112 Covid-19 patients, reported that of the 17 patients who died, 15 were either overweight or obesity and more recently, a French study reported that nearly half of 124 Covid-19 patients in Lille, France, had obesity. And that is twice the rate of a comparison group of intensive care patients hospitalized for other reasons last year, the study also reported that the need for mechanical ventilation increased with higher body weight.

What can be concluded is that obesity actually brings with it other diseases, and all this further affects these patients to be at risk.

Nowadays it can be said that we have identified obesity as a disease, although some people think it is a lifestyle choice. So it makes people sick and we realize that now.

Conventional wisdom has traditionally explained excess weight as a simple calorie imbalance that can be solved by eating less and exercising more, but now prominent medical groups have reconsidered their approach and now recognize obesity as a medical disorder caused by a complex network of underlying factors. And that predisposes people to other serious medical problems.

Some doctors view obesity as a marker of poverty-related ill health, reflecting a combination of social and economic factors, from inadequate education and limited work opportunities to poor neighborhoods where access to healthy food, medical care and exercise is limited.

The association of obesity with chronic diseases is well known, especially with the H1N1 flu experience in 2009 finding that obesity people are also more vulnerable to infectious diseases. Doctors also say that obese patients may find it more difficult to manage in a hospital setting because they require special beds and imaging equipment and are more difficult to intubate and assess when removing the ventilator.

Doctors treating critically ill coronavirus patients say they expected older and elderly  patients to become acutely and critically ill, but young patients who became seriously ill did not survive.

Studies have shown that out of 14 Covid-19 patients recently in the critical care unit, 12 were at least 50 years old and had complex medical problems. The two younger patients, who were in their 30s, had obesity and had no other illnesses, but it seems to them that obesity is a risk factor.

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