Anti-cellulite diet: In the morning cereals, for snack fruit

With this diet you will see the first visible results in 7 days. An anti-cellulite diet helps the body get rid of toxins and includes only easily digestible foods.

It’s never too late to get rid of cellulite, say nutritionists who devised this diet.

Combined with massages, exercise and stretching, this diet plan should become your daily routine.

1 day

Breakfast: Barley coffee cup, oatmeal flakes with yogurt

Snack: A glass of pressed orange juice

Lunch: Shell and pepper salad, tomato salad

Snack: Forest fruit proportioned with lemon juice

Dinner: Chicken breast with lemon zest, pineapple on request

2 day

Breakfast: Barley coffee, wholemeal cake, honey

Snack: Apricot and mango frappe

Lunch: Salad with rice, spinach with lemon

Snack: Banana

Dinner: Mozzarella, salad of green cooked vegetables, pineapple

3 day

Breakfast: Barley coffee with light milk, integral cake

Snack: Frappe with honey

Lunch: Cold vegetable soup, wholemeal bread

Snack: Peaches

Dinner: Boiled white fish, olive oil and lemon chili, wholemeal bread

4 day

Breakfast: Carrot juice, whole bun

Snack: Sunflower seeds

Lunch: Cauliflower, chicken, optional salad

Snacks: Fruit or fruit juice, also optional

Dinner: Yogurt, cheese, bread, salad

5 day

Breakfast: Milk, margarine, jam, wholemeal bread

Snack: Fruit on request

Lunch: Peas, bread, salad

Snack: Fruit or fruit juice, optional

Dinner: Cooked vegetables, fish, salad, black bread

6 day

Breakfast: Fruit or Fruit Juice, Toast Bread, Cheese, Margarine

Snack: Fruit salad

Lunch: Soy steaks, spinach with potatoes, salad, bread

Snack: Fruit

Dinner: Pizza exclusively with fresh vegetables

7 day

Breakfast: Milk, oat flakes

Snack: Homemade ice cream

Lunch: Cabbage, wholemeal bread, beet salad

Snack: White coffee with milk

Dinner: Cooked vegetables, boiled meat, bread

Groceries that you must avoid:

Sausages, bacon, salami, snacks, salty meat, salty cheeses and cheese, fried foods, sodas, sour cream, hot dogs, canned soups, spices and spicy dishes, coffee.

Groceries Recommended:

Vegetables and fruits in all forms, eggs, yogurt, cereals, cooked raw meat, fish, dried beer yeast, plenty of water.

While keeping this diet, you must cleanse the body with just over 1 liter of water a day.

In the end, you will see to it that persistence pays off.

Written by Natasha

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