A New Way to Healthy Weight Loss: Nordic Diet

The Nordic diet over the past few months has become a hit among celebrities. Studies prove that with this diet you can lose a few pounds, reduce stress and be healthier. It is even recommended by the Mediterranean diet.

Diet without rules

If you want to maintain this diet, try to eat as much vegetables and salads as possible, and use spices in the main course. Instead of oil, season your food with lemon, lime, vinegar or yogurt.

Eat what quality products.

The principles of the Nordic diet are not revolutionary, except that the pounds are lost without return. In addition, the Nordic diet will satiate you, so you will not suffer from a constant feeling of hunger.

What do the Nordics eat?

Cabbage, spinach, kale – Rich in Vitamin B, C and K, water and fiber. In other words, these are foods that you can eat in unlimited quantities because they are low in calories.

Rye bread – Nordics do not avoid cereal, which is a good thing for satiety, and thanks to fiber they improve digestion.

Spices – The unwritten rule of the Nordic diet is: Less oil, more vinegar and spice.

Dried fish – Fish are rich in unsaturated fatty acids and served with boiled potatoes. Dried and sour fish are the most common foods on the table in the North.

Forest fruits – Blueberries, cranberries and blackberries are rich in antioxidants. Forest fruit is a natural antibiotic that kills bacteria and prevents urinary tract infections.

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