A fantastic liquid diet that loses 15 kg in 2 weeks!

Liquid diet belongs to fast diets, are very effective for weight reduction as well as for instant weight loss. It must not be held for more than 14 days because it can be harmful to health.

From the very name of the diet it can be concluded that it is based on liquid products such as soup, natural juices, milk and dairy products (yogurt, kefir), mild herbal teas and of course water. The amount of fluids to be infused daily should not exceed 3 liters. A liquid diet exists in several variants, and here you can read an example from one: a menu in a day.


9:00 – oatmeal (one cup)

10:00 – Vegetable stew (one cup)

11:00 – 250 ml warm water

12:00 – fruit juice diluted with water (one cup)

13:00 – 250 ml warm water

14:00 – 200 ml of milk

15:00 – 200 ml of yogurt

16:00 – Stew with lean meat – Not salted (one serving, blended)

17:00 – 200 ml warm water

18:00 – 200 ml warm water

19:00 – fruit juice diluted with water (one cup)

20:00 – 200 ml warm water

21:00 – 200 ml of kefir with less than 2% milk fat

Since it’s a fast instant diet, you should not hold it for longer than two weeks, and it’s best to keep it for 5 to 6 days. Immediately after the end of the diet, slowly return to normal diet, in the following way.

The first day after the diet: eat only small portions of cooked vegetables.

The second day: before the boiled vegetables you can eat a piece of whole bread, while for dinner you eat cabbage and raw carrots.

Third Day: Slowly return to your normal diet, but you have to avoid fatty foods and not to eat more than two pieces of bread.

This diet can lose as much as 15 kg in 14 days. The best time to start a diet is the weekend: if you want to lose only 3 to 4 kg, it will take 4-5 days. Do not forget that you do not need from a liquid diet, to move on a firm one.

Important note: You can use a liquid diet after consultation with a doctor or nutritionist. Recommended for exclusively healthy persons. Exactly doctors recommend this method of nutrition immediately before intervention or surgery, or after it.

This diet does not recommend exercises or severe physical activity. Reduced calorie intake, slowed down metabolism and starvation are the reason why many give up this diet after just 2-3 days. At the same time, it is its biggest fault.

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