A 5-Day Detox Diet to Get Rid of Fat and Toxins in the Body

This diet is actually a short diet plan that will help you burn fat and improve your health. The diet lasts 5 days and does not require starvation but consumption of healthy foods that cleanse the body.

With its help you will burn fat and burn, but you will also get healthy eating habits. This plan does not contain red meat, processed foods, saturated fats and sugars. During the five days it’s important to limit the size of the portions and not eat anything extra. For the best results, don’t forget about physical activity.

First day

Breakfast: Vanilla pudding with seed

Lunch: Detox kale salad, broccoli, rocket, carrot, avocado and olive oil

Dinner: Brown rice with cauliflower, seasonal vegetables and pesto sauce

Second day

Breakfast: Smoothie with fruit and nuts

Lunch: Seafood salad

Dinner: quinoa with chickpeas and lemon overflow

Third day

Breakfast: Spinach, avocado, pineapple and sesame seeds

Lunch: kale salad, soy beans and roasted walnut

Dinner: Sweet potato with seasonal vegetables and quinoa

Fourth day

Breakfast: Berries smoothie

Lunch: Quinoa with beans

Dinner: Fish with grilled vegetables

Fifth day

Breakfast: Quinoa porridge with almonds and blueberries

Lunch: Greek salad with almonds and avocado

Yesterday: Salad with chicken or fish and almonds

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