7-day soup diet for 3 kg less

A liquid soup diet, in addition to helping to lose weight, cleanses the body of toxins from the body.

It is advisable to consume the soup 3 times during the day when you feel hungry.

Already after the third day you will notice big changes, so do not doubt that in 7 days you will lose 3 kg.

Ingredients for the soup you should consume throughout the week:

1 cabbage, 1 celery, 6 small onions, 2 green peppers, 2-4 carrots, 4-5 tomatoes, 1.5l water,  2 soups from sachets or 2 cubes of soup, parsley, salt.

The grocery schedule is as follows:

Day 1 – Only soups and fruits (except bananas), unsweetened teas and plenty of water

Day 2 – Soup and fresh or cooked vegetables. Avoid peas, beans and corn, and more often consume baked potatoes with a little butter

Day 3 – Soup and all kinds of fruits and vegetables

Day 4 – Soup, no-fat milk, yogurt or kefir plus 1-2 bananas per day

Day 5 – Soup, 2-3 slices of boiled beef and vegetables (except potatoes)

Day 6 – Just like day 5

Day 7 – Soup and Whole Rice, plus Vegetable Salad

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