5 super foods to eat daily for better fitness

1. Cinnamon is a healing spice

Cinnamon has become one of the most powerful healing spices in the super-food line. Studies have linked cinnamon to improving blood sugar in people with diabetes.

Cinnamon has also been shown to have antibacterial, anti-parasitic and anti-fungal properties.

Cinnamon is also high in manganese, iron, calcium and fiber which are beneficial for the body. The health benefits of this super spice continue to be discovered through ongoing studies, but have long been used in traditional medicine.

It is exciting to discover the benefits of cinnamon grown out of apple pie and spicy apple pie as a super-food for your health.

2. Beans are food for the brain

Beans are a great source of soluble fiber and good carbohydrates to eat every day. Soluble fiber helps the heart absorb cholesterol before it has a chance to stick to the artery wall. Cholesterol is then eliminated through normal bodily functions. Studies show that eating highly soluble fiber can lower total cholesterol by 10 to 15 percent and is associated with reduced heart disease.

Black beans contain anthocyanins, antioxidant compounds shown to improve brain function. They have the highest rating of vegetable protein, but must be combined with grains such as brown rice to create a “complete” protein.

3. Olive oil for heart health

Olive oil is considered a healthy fat diet to reduce the risk of heart disease. The primary fat found in olive oil is monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs). MUFAs have been shown to lower total cholesterol and help stabilize blood clotting.

Olive oil is associated with decreased insulin levels, blood sugar control. Studies have shown great benefits for those suffering from type 2 diabetes.

Olive oil is also bursting with antioxidants called phenols associated with preventing cholesterol buildup in the walls of arteries. Look for “virgin”, “extra-virgin” or “cold pressed” olive oils for the best nutritional value.

The recommended dose is one tablespoon per day to reap the healthy benefits.

4. Broccoli is the antioxidant king

Broccoli, a plant carbohydrate is one of the most powerful antioxidants in our diet box. Broccoli protects our body from cancer and ranks at the top of the super food list.

Broccoli offers high nutritional value with a low caloric value. It is the most nutritious-dense vegetable super food. Research indicates broccoli is the king of cancer prevention. Studies have shown that the sulfur compounds in broccoli signal our genes to increase the production of detoxifying enzymes. These enzymes potentially attack cancer-causing compounds.

In addition, broccoli boosts the immune system, supports cardiovascular health, builds bone and fights congenital malformations.

5. Yogurt improves stomach bacteria

Yogurt is known for its probiotic or live beneficial bacteria. Yogurt has been shown to reduce the growth of harmful bacteria in the digestive tract. It also helps maintain stable body levels in the body.

Eating yogurt is indicated to strengthen our immune system and protect against diseases such as cancer. Probiotics can help with vaginal yeast infections, inflammatory bowel disease, ulcers and urinary tract infections.

Yogurt is also a great source of bone-building calcium and protein. Not all yogurts are created equal. Check for “live and active cultures” to make sure it contains probiotics. It is also recommended to consume ordinary through ice cream varieties.

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