3 groceries that you should avoid for breakfast

The first meal in the morning determines to many people the level of energy and mood with which people fulfill their daily obligations and the numerous challenges that they anticipate during the day.

That’s why experts say that breakfast is the most important meal since it is the basic foundation for all other nutrients that enter the stomach during the day.

This topic has its own special weight, given that most people based their breakfast on the basis of totally wrong food. Some of them are even convinced that they start the day in a healthy way and in fact do the opposite.

Fruit juices as first foods for elimination

The stories about natural and numerous vitamins containing fruit juices propaganda is on the basis of which millions are earned, while at the same time people who are convinced that they are healthy are injecting large quantities of the causative agent of health disasters known as sugar.

In fact, because fruit juices contain quantities of sugars that are often equal to those found in carbonated drinks, and then because of the preservatives, color and all other types of chemistry … simply do not have to be part of the morning breakfast.

If you want to achieve the effect of the ads, then the only real way is to drain the fruit yourself as a juice for breakfast.

Salami, mayonnaise and similar fatty and heavy groceries

Every breakfast that reminds of a breakfast of standard physical workers is not and can not be good if you live a less active life. Bread with mayonnaise and other supplements such as salami, sausages and other heavy fat foods are hardly digestible and too caloric.

All this human organism, if it is expecting a day with mild and moderate activities, will hardly bear it, while remaining short for the necessary fibers, vitamins and minerals that can be brought with a smart choice of breakfast.

Pastry of white flour

Of the bakery products, only those black pastry with whole seeds are generally good, and when it comes to breakfast as your first meal a day, then the need for complex carbohydrates plays a particularly important role.

The bakery products we like quickly give energy but also quickly leave the body without fuel. When all of these additives and a large amount of sugar and baking salt are added to it, it becomes clear that they are not a good choice as delicious.

The black flour pastry and whole herbs combined with some sauce, oats or similar sources of complex carbohydrates, a feeling of satiety and energy will keep you high four or five times longer.

So be careful when choosing breakfast foods!

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