10 ways to reduce your weight naturally and healthy

Most people today are constantly struggling with excess pounds. However, while diets come and go, and the pounds usually remain the same at the end of a circle, there are several ways that sure and healthy lead to the goal.

Water with lemon

Very popular method that provides the body with nutrients and stimulates digestion. Lemon should be washed well, cut into slices and soak in water and drink this water for 20 to 30 minutes before each meal.

Water with apple cider vinegar

Apple vinegar contains acetate acid, which prevents fat accumulation in the body and has the ability to help the process of taking nutrients from healthy food and fighting infections. Drink a glass of water with 10 drops of this vinegar with 1 tablespoon of honey for a better taste, if you drink it every morning for a long time in a very healthy way it will bring you down to the weight loss.

Green tea

Known as one of the strongest antioxidants, green tea is a favorite drink of nutritionists and all fitness professionals. It is also a strong diuretic and helps to remove the subcutaneous water and thus leads to a better body shape.

Increased water intake

Two glasses of water at least half an hour or 15 minutes before a meal, there is little secret that leads to visible progress. Water not only hydrates but also provides better functioning of the body, it also reduces appetite and ensures that you will eat much less food for each meal.

Increased  fiber intake

High-fiber foods are recommended because it facilitates the functioning of digestive organs, and thus maintains a sense of satiety, so fiber-rich foods are ideal as the backbone of food during the slimming phase.

Quality sleep

Lack of sleep is directly related to an increase in stress hormone levels, and the stress hormone is again directly related to the accumulation of fatty deposits. Therefore, in order to break this closed circle, resulting in weight gain, it is important to choose or keep away from sources of stress and above all to regulate sleeping habits.

Selection of healthier groceries as meals

This should be paid more attention to a good selection of foods based on the composition (proteins, carbohydrates, fats), and you respect the rules of complex carbohydrates with a full seed is always a better option than simple and unsaturated fats to be healthier than saturated, not only does the body become healthier, but also quickly comes to the ideal form.

Less plentiful but more frequent meals

Skipping or a small number of meals leads to slowing down the metabolism. It is therefore important to speed up the metabolism and this is achieved with more frequent but smaller meals. When all this is added to a normal appearance in the form of severe hunger, it becomes clear that the slow metabolism, large amounts of food can not act differently from the accumulation of this food as “for later” fat.

Eliminate processed foods from the diet

Processed foods, from juices to salty foods rich in sugars, trans fatty acids, preservatives, artificial sweeteners and all other negative elements that not only spoil the body shape and lead to weight gain.

Regular activities / exercise

It has been scientifically proven that generally, the practitioners are healthier than those who are heavily weighted and inactive.Inactivity is the chief killer of the human body and the main cause of cardiovascular disease,sugar,and the like. When all of this is added to the excess food intake that you can spend with physical activity,therefore eat what you want but still have the same body mass if you spend most of the day sitting at work desk and then lying in front of a TV even if holding a diet not enough.

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